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Time is precious when you and all your team have to make the best out of your workation in the Azores so we will try to make it simple.


  1. Boca do Inferno viewpoint

Your team climbs up the first stairs when coming to the viewpoint of Boca do Inferno and everyone goes like “wow”, seems like cannot get better. Well, you are wrong. Every step you all take you will keep holding your breath. The view is incredible. Standing at the end of the path seems like you are, literally, on the edge of the world. Incredibly colored lagoons everywhere you look: Lagoa Verde (“the Green Lake”), Lagoa Azul (“the Blue Lake”), Lagoa de Santiago (“Santiago Lake”), mysterious green mountains covered in soft clouds and the endless ocean behind. So, this is Boca do Inferno, the iconic view of Sete Cidades and, actually, of the Azores Islands.

If your team is lucky enough during this workation in the Azores to go to Boca do Inferno viewpoint in the end of a sunny day with no wind, well, this would never get better. The water of the lagoons turns into a mirror, reflecting these green mountains. In case of bad weather, don’t get upset rapidly. Just try waiting for a while as the weather conditions change quickly here in the Azores.

  1. Lagoa do Fogo

Located in the center of the Island of São Miguel, this fascinating Lagoa do Fogo (“Fire Lake”) is doubtlessly one of the greatest nature attractions of the Island. Surrounded by high green mountains and endless endemic vegetation, this mystical lake, where divine tranquility, charm and beauty comes together, has white sand beaches with transparent water and a small peninsula, and it is a nature reserve. This lake was created in the crater of the volcano after an eruption in the XVI century and is around 2 km long and 1 km wide. Having in mind the size of this lagoon, it is not hard to imagine that there are plenty of interesting hikes to discover around it. Dark green wild forest, black rock mountains, fresh mild air – what else might be needed for a memorable hike with your team in Azores while on the workation in the Azores.

  1. Furnas

Being in Furnas is like entering the heart of a volcano. You feel small and powerful at the same time. Bubbling earth and steam all around you leaves no doubts. On the way to this magical place make sure you all stop by Pico do Ferro viewpoint and, most important, Salto do Cavalo, which is located on a way to Salga. These places are definitely worth visiting. When your team reaches Furnas, go for a short walk around the Caldeiras, listen to the boiling earth underneath your feet, walk around the Lagoa das Furnas, stop by the mysterious Church of José do Canto. Then, you can visit the hot springs, to wash your body and soul, dip your feet in a tiny hot pool on the avenue, taste this intriguing stew coming straight from the ground, drink natural sparkling or still spring water, filled with iron or completely pure, like Gloria Patri, for example. Just watch local people carrying on their lives, feel the pace of Furnas life, relax and live the moment. Livin‘it Furnas, Livin‘it Azores.

  1. Center of Modern Arts – Arquipélago

The building and architectural design are worth visiting. The refurbishment of a former alcohol factory combined with two contemporary buildings works very well. Inside Arquipélago, the main exhibition space offers an interesting mix of modern and historic architecture. The Archipelago – Center of Contemporary Art, was distinguished in the Rehabilitation category of the BIGMAT’17 International Architecture Award.

This art center is a must see for every art and architecture lover.

  1. Tea Plantation

The only tea plantation in Europe? Well, some may argue, so we better call this unique landscape of the Azores Islands the only tea plantations in Europe for the commercial purposes.

Tea factories are on the São Miguel islands are some of those that not only produce tea, but also preserve memories of the tea production on the Azores islands from the very beginning to the end of the XIX century. These factories are also museums and the Porto Formoso factory organizes guided visits at any time of day within the given schedule.

Your team will be invited to taste several tea varieties at both of the factories – Porto Formoso and the Gorreana. The four seasons coming on a same day are just perfect for a cup of Azorean tea while the verdure of plantations invades your sight. The Azores is not that famous for the tea as the England is but that is the unique place in Europe where your team can sip tea overlooking tea plantations, mountains and endless sea while on workation in the Azores.

  1. Caloura

The most southern point of the São Miguel Island. Once been a small fishing village and an agriculture place due to the difficult connection to the town, this tropical paradise is now the most valuable place on all of the Islands of the Azores. Situated in a narrow creek and sheltered by high black basalt cliffs overgrown with lush green vegetation, this place is not just picturesque, it‘s known for its microclimat as a result of being the most southern point of São Miguel Island.

Caloura is a small place, but still has much to offer. Here your team will find Convento de Caloura – a remarkable Baroque structure built in the XVI century, a tiny unique church of Nossa Senhora das Dores, where the cult of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres (the Holy Christ of Miracles) was originated when Pope Paul II offered the image of Christ to the nuns in the XVI century.

There is also a port in Caloura where you and your team can observe the local fishermen getting their boats ready and going to the sea. Fresh fish straight from the ocean goes to the Caloura Bar right on the coastline next to the port. Here, you will also find fresh water stream always running even on the hottest summer day. Natural swimming pool with the crystal-clear waters is always welcoming, not only on these sunny days, but even in winter time. The beach of Caloura is something magical. Protected by black stone mountain all around it, it’s an ideal spot for a break while on workation in the Azores.

  1. Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Paz

It´s not that easy to reach this tiny chapel, but your efforts will be fully rewarded by the wonderful view over Vila Franca do Campo and a great part of the southern part of the Island of São Miguel. On a clear sunny day you might see Santa Maria Island. In addition, the scenery is particularly pleasant when the flowers bloom: hydrangeas in summer and aloe in autumn.

Coming to the viewpoint by car is just the beginning – an interesting stairway will be waiting for you, so you can actually reach the Chapel Hermitage of Nossa Senhora da Paz. Once a simple hermitage, it was elaborated into an important scenic attraction with the construction in 1967 of a staircase to represent Pais Nossos dos Mistérios Gozosos e Dolorosos (Our Father and Joyful/Sorrowful Mysteries) prayer, separated into ten flights to symbolize the Ave Maria prayer.

The chapel itself is unique and the view is breath taking! Make sure you pass by it while on the workation in the Azores.

  1. Lagoa do Congro

The enchanting Lagoa do Congro is located in a well-hidden area on a sandy road, so get all your team prepared to hike in the middle of the wild forest. When you all finally reach the lagoon, you will notice the water so clear and still that it might reflect the surrounding as a mirror would do.

This walk together with a team might be perfect for thinking about your successes and setbacks, whilst setting ambitions goals. Giant red cedars, dense bushes and dozens of other plant species in sizes that enchant the imagination, can all be found there. Combine this with a fascinating surrounding that changes every curve and you have the perfect rainforest setting, sometimes with some haze.

This is an easy hike with serenity at the end – perfect to contemplate, meditate and spend some time together with your team in wild, untouched nature.

  1. Poço Azul

Poço Azul, in Achadinha, is one of the most beautiful and hidden places to visit on the green island of São Miguel.  This charming hidden treasure can be reached only after a tricky but alluring journey, ensuring only the most enduring team to enjoy its splendor.

One of the most desired points of the trail is, definitely, the arrival to this famous little pool. Its crystal-clear, blue-tinged water leaves no one indifferent to its natural beauty. Taking a bath here would be like a therapy to get all your team inspired, a therapy for the body and for the soul, relaxing and uplifting at the same time.

Poço Azul is, for sure, a hundred percent like something out of a storybook – is definitely worth getting there with your superb team.

  1. Sanguinho waterfall

It’s remarkable. If nature, workout and discovering the hidden places are your strength – this is the ideal spot to visit! You will start this hike in the small town of Faial da Terra and it´s up to you which way to follow – Sanguinho or Salto do Prego – both lead to the unique Sanguinho waterfall in the southeastern mountains of São Miguel Island. While hiking on the Sanguinho trail you will experience a steeper climb and pass by the tiny village of Sanguinho where there are some abandoned farms. Some of them are still operating, maintaining their traditional structure, which is what makes this isolated village so charming. Salto do Prego trail will lead your team alongside small stream with various agricultural estates. However, this hike is one of the most interesting ones on São Miguel Island because of its historic charm. Reaching the waterfall is, obviously, the highlight of the hike. Make sure all of your team members carry their swimming suits in the backpack as the more courageous ones will enjoy a dip in the freezing crystal water of this magical waterfall. Surrounded by wild green nature it turns to be a perfect place to refresh your body and soul.

Here you can take a look at how the workation in the Azores really look like. Whether your team has a precise vision of workation in the Azores or just need some help to shape it, Livin’it Azores is here for you.

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