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The advantages of Workation and how does this practice make your team happier and your business more productive.

We are shifting to an era where the job market swings strongly in favor of the candidates. Best professionals are conscious about the demand for qualified and dedicated teams, and so the organizations are investing in their brand for the external market and, most important, in the employee branding to stand out from the competitors.

Companies are looking for outstanding experiences for their teams and they are willing to be exceptional in the way they stimulate and create connections between people. Organizations are looking for the best talents worldwide and a good salary in this case is not enough. The way the company positions itself with the external market and the organizational climate are very important too.

Lately, in this new world of labor the professionals are the ones who determine the way to work and so the companies and employees are adapting to this, considering that the new generations are seeking more quality of life in the corporate universe. Taking a closer look we would clearly notice that the number of hours spent with our colleagues is far way higher than the time spent with our families. So all talented professionals to do their best might look for the appropriate work space with a positive energy around, a place where they can express themselves.

To motive competent professionals companies are concentrating on goals and not on the hours of work so it doesn’t matter where the professionals are or what are they doing as long as they produce and add value. Hence Workation – Work + Vacation is a practice that allows you to work remotely with the team and combine leisure activities which increases productivity. Workation favors people empowerment, efficacy, constant cultural enrichment and happiness of the team members.

Why Workation

Workation allows to work away from the usual environment with your team what noticeably increases the productivity. Going on Workation allows you to spend more quality time with the team members, talk to colleagues outside the ordinary spaces in completely alternative locations. A tropical forest, wild lagoon in the middle of nowhere could perfectly be one of the best locations to get some inspiration.

Azores offer inspiring surroundings for the inspiring time with your team. Weather, safety, ease of access and uniqueness – all contribute to Azores attractiveness as a Workation destination. The entire archipelago of the Azores offers incomparable experiences and value for money than other destinations either on the coast or in the mountains, unique activities opportunities, hidden wine and dine treasures and much more..

Because the experiences your team will have together would make them stick much more than any other material business.

How does Workation contribute to the happiness of the team?

  • An opportunity to get to know the colleagues in a different setting and getting to know closer colleagues from the other teams, an opportunity to increase trust among employees. Moreover, spending time out of the office and in informal environment means team members are more relaxed which might lead to more beneficial discussions which appears to contribute to getting more creative solutions.
  • Professionals work better as a team in familiar atmosphere surrounded by people they know and appreciate. People might work much better as a team if they’re more comfortable with these team members around them. They might feel more open to talking about things that bother them.
  • The sense of belonging – spending days together in different atmosphere professionals get inspired with the new ideas and during the working hours every member of the team might get an opportunity to offer constructive changes in the company what keeps all the team interested in the business and it´s success specially when team members will participate in implementing those changes.
  • Workation as a common goal tracking meeting – Workation turns to be a great opportunity to identify the problems and to find the right solutions for them what makes feel better as a group. Having some more time to focus on the goals and talk about the problems everyone meets and how they could be solved can be a great way to increase, interaction, engagement and communication between the colleagues.
  • Efficiency – increased leisure time associations with colleagues would lead to on-the-job success.
  • Empowerment – foster internal development and growth across various departments with cross-department job shadows and transitions. Encouraging communication to increase trust and showing that all ideas are truly welcome and really valued. When organization empower employees to step up, make their own decisions and pave their own path to their success, companies create a better workplace culture.
  • Constant cultural enrichment is also one of the important elements as it might benefit all the team by exposing them to the new ideas and inspirations, letting the negative feelings be surpassed by good ones.

Happier professionals always perform better. They are more motivated. They try harder. They are healthier. They dare more. They irradiate. And they spread this positive energy to the others. This is what make a real team instead of just a group of people working together.

How does Workation contribute to the productivity of the company?

Because it’s an effective way to give employees the needed boost of productivity and motivation, as well as spur creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Studies have found that surroundings affect how people think and see things. So, the more extreme environment changes are, the better chances employees will come up with unique and innovative ideas and solutions.

This makes sense since the company spend less time and resources on new employee recruitment as the turnover tends to be less when your team is consisted of the member with the same goals and who share the vision of the company as well as the similar personal interest. Stimulating workplaces are much more likely to attract and maintain talented professionals what is particularly relevant in service industries where employees are in direct contact with customers.

When the organization truly cares for the employees, they will truly care for one another, the customers of the company, the community and the company itself. Nowadays the best organizations go beyond the obvious benefits. Exists real necessity to foster a workplace which thrives on confidence, appreciation and respect for all the individuals and which stands for this culture daily. When the organization will adopt this culture the word will be spread. Professionals would talk and refer like-minded and talented people who believe in this practice and the mission of the company.

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