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Pico Island might be perfect location for your next team meeting. We wanted to share those wonderful places to discover while spending some time on Pico, Azores


1. Get your team to climb the highest peak in Portugal

Pico Island is not only in strategically perfect place for a remote team meeting, it also owns the highest mountains of the whole country. When your team visits the island of Pico it is impossible not to climb the mountain of Pico. It is the highest point in Portugal and the third highest volcano in the Atlantic Ocean! Classified as a Nature Reserve since 1982, climbing this mountain is a unique experience for your team.
The climb takes 6 to 9 hours, but it is definitely one of the best adventures you can do with your team! You can choose to do day or night climbing. Daytime starts at dawn to enjoy the day and night rises where it starts at dawn. In the evening, the goal is to finish with breakfast at the top of the crater, strengthening the relationship with colleagues. Upon reaching the top, take the opportunity to take a deep breath and breathe fresh air and enjoy the view!


2. Gruta das Torres

The Gruta das Torres is a geological formation known as the largest lava tube known in Portugal. With a total length of 5150 m, estimates indicate its formation about 1500 years ago! Here, your team will have the opportunity to see lava in all types of formations. From stalagmites and stalactites to grooved walls and impressive lava “string” fields.

Small detail: Absolutely take your team there if nobody is afraid of the dark! Although all team members will get all the equipment needed, this might be the darkest place you will ever experience. Literally. All in all, this is definitely fascinating place to visit after long work day or an intense team meeting.


3. Pico Wine Museum and the vineyards of Pico Island

A superb and educational at the same time place for your team to visit. The island of Pico is a wine island. It is known for “making wine with lava”, due to its young and infertile soil. At the Pico Wine Museum, your team will learn a lot about its unique wine history. The settlers created piles of stones around small rectangular plots to protect the vineyards from the winds of the sea.
The museum displays objects related to the traditional production of wine, presses and barrels. In addition, your team will have the opportunity to observe a viewpoint of hectares of traditional vineyards. In the museum garden your team will find several dragon trees, one of which is more than 400 years old.


4. Cella Bar

After many adventures in Pico, nothing better than going to relax with a good cocktail at Cella Bar combined with a unique gastronomic experience. Or even your team meeting can be held in Cella Bar.
The Cella bar is a place with incredible panoramic views, close to the natural pools and where several features of the environment are present in the building’s architecture. It is an organic and dynamic construction with a landscape over the island of Faial!
When visiting spaces like this, there is no rush, much less if you have the opportunity to relax and get to know your team better.


5. Whaling Industry Museum

The Whaling Industry Museum is the first public industrial museum in the Azores! Together with the the Whaler’s Museum , this one contains a source for archiving and interpreting the activity related to whaling in the Azores in general.

Built in 1942 and located in the whaling factory, which operated from 1946 to 1984 and produced goods made from whales. This old whaling tradition might still be visible in local atmosphere and lifestyle of the local people. Its´origin lays back in the 18th century. Whaling Industry Museum operates since 2007 and your team will find there boilers, furnaces, machinery and other equipment used in whale rendering.


6. The Whaler’s Museum

The Whaler’s Museum is the only one specialized in artisanal, seasonal and coastal whaling in Portugal. Therefore, your team cannot fail to visit this space! In addition, it is the most visited in the Azores, as well as the Whaling Industry Museum.
The museum building consists of a set of three whaling houses “Casas de Botes Baleeiros” from the 19th century, complemented by a blacksmith’s tent, incorporated in a new built body, an area for the reception and a shop. The permanent exhibit of the Whaler’s Museum offers an example of an Azorean whaling boat, the Maritime Museum of Shipbuilding, blacksmith’s workshop, the Whale Art and the Whalers on Earth exhibits. This Museum features also a specialized library and document repository as well as a small auditorium, educational services and other activities your team might enjoy.


7. Forest Park of São João

Forest Park of S. João is located on the south coast of the island and consists of a picnic area, where you can even have a team meeting and be closer to your colleagues, a peaceful garden with a playground but a lesson from the island. Since it has native plants from the island and a tile panel with reference to volcanic eruptions. The tile plate was placed during the 300 years of the eruptions of the Mysteries of Santa Luzia and São João. The last eruption recorded in Pico was in 1718.


8. The Cais pool

So here on Pico Island the day literally gets a new meaning: your team can spend the productive hours in a meeting and when all the ideas are shared and everything is said in the team meeting everyone still has plenty of time to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, for example. So the Cais pool, located in the parish of São Roque do Pico, is a very pleasant place for your team to visit after a long work day. This swimming pool is not just any Bathing Area, since it was recognized with the Blue Flag award, which means that it complies with a set of environmental quality requirements such as safety, well-being, support infrastructures, information to users and environmental awareness.


9. Lagoa do Capitão

Lagoa do Capitão is the largest on the island and is formed by a landscape of surprising beauty with calm waters. It is located in an area of approximately 826 meters of altitude and contains abundant endemic vegetation of the noodles. Here, your team can see the mountain of the peak and still many species like the cedar, the laurel, among others.


10. Church of São Mateus

The Church of São Mateus is one of the most splendid on the island of Pico. Its construction began in 1838 after the volcanic eruption has destroyed the old one in 1808 and was completed in 1842. Inside you will find the image of “Ecce Homo”, which was offered by a son of the parish in 1862 and this revelation is of great artistic value.


Although the Pico island is the second largest islands of the Azores Archipelago it also a very calm and peaceful place. This is the reason why this hidden paradise might fit all you needs for the remote team meeting. Your team will easily find a perfect balance between time spend on work and leisure.

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