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Livin’it Azores souvenirs shop was brought to life to enhance and extend the experiences had in the Azores. We strongly believe that the most important is not just the fact you have visited the Azores, is actually the unique experiences you had in these magical islands, scattered here in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Nine islands, all different from each other, all part of the Azores. All of them offering the experiences worth sharing.

Creating Livin’it Azores souvenirs shop online our ambition is to contribute, through the bunch of the carefully selected and manufactured products, to extend in time and other dimensions, the experiences lived in the islands of Azores. There are places that leave the mark and the Azores is definitely one of those. With its nine islands planted in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, each part of the Azores deserves to be lived as intense as possible. Every face we cross must be remembered. The different flavors should always stay with us. In other words: that each product of the brand Livin’it Azores may tell a story. A story of your trip, of your Azores vacation, of the experiences had in the islands of the Azores.

We strongly believe that experiences do not end up on the date written on your boarding pass. It´s all because the time you spend here is unforgettable, staying here with all the essence, breathing the rhythm of Azores, getting closer with these islands while discovering its multiple dimensions, such as history, geography, culture and the people. By creating Livin’it Azores souvenirs we pretend to extend the experience.

The DNA of Livin’it Azores is based on the unconditional passion for Azores and it´s folk. The humble, friendly and genial people who welcome you into part of the family making the Azores feel like home even if you are just the passer by. That’s why forgetting the Azores is something impossible. We want to share and intensify this passion in everybody’s soul, whoever you are – a traveler or a local.

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