We have listed some reasons for your company retreat or workation to be held in this volcanic paradise in the middle of Atlantic.

When the uncertain times come we must search for alternative solutions. The things and places so uncommon before look perfect now. Lately undiscovered workation destinations like this magical archipelago are being more and more noticed by companies. Destinations which are now considered as the safest, comfortable and most surprising ones for company retreat. These nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic offer safe accommodation choices and activities keeping in mind safe distance requirements that your team members need – most of the activities are usually held outdoor. The real peace we all need now can now be found on the archipelago.

  • Azores have been considered “one of the safest destinations in Europe in 2020”, a distinction based on health security in tourism, low number of cases and in health service.

Portugal and the Azores have launched Clean&Safe Seal. This initiative focused on the confidence so needed on both, the demand and the supply sides covering this way the entire tourism value chain. And a Covid-oriented travel insurance for foreigners which is extended to the entire territory of Portugal and aims to guarantee, everyone visiting the Azores, can travel completely safe and confident.

  • Azores Islands offer the safe distance that visitors need, many outdoor activities and peace needed for company retreat.

The Azores offer vast variety of activities for any taste. Archipelago is a simply peaceful destination for active workation or company retreat. The Azores islands welcomes nature and sports lovers. This magical volcanic paradise destination is best known for their hot springs, black volcanic sand beaches, verdurous fields with the blue and green lakes in between, volcanic caves, breath-taking sunrises and waterfalls. Your multi-differentiated team is welcome to enjoy activities which suit any taste – hiking, horseback riding, biking, treasure hunting, whale-watching, golfing, surfing, birdwatching, coasteering, paragliding, paddle, kayaking, canyoning, diving and many others.

  • The first archipelago in the world to be certified as a sustainable touristic destination.

Coming for company retreat to discover the Azores nowadays is like diving deep in pure wild nature perfectly mixed with modernity where you can easily breath mild warm air with no worries as the Azores archipelago is already certified as a sustainable touristic destination. The Azores is kind of a place that must be visited and at the time has come. Wild nature, few people, event venues and magical places exceptionally just for your team workation.

  • Protected from the tourist and commercial massification, the Azorean goods and services are guided by quality and excellence, always in harmony with nature and characterized by environmental practices and unique sustainability.

Since activities such as hiking, mountain biking, whale watching, scuba diving and exploring volcanic landscapes are key to the Azorean economy, the islands take conservation, both on land and at sea, pretty seriously, making this a thoroughly satisfying place for nature lovers to visit. You will often find your team with nobody else around, just with the sounds of nature, the wind blowing through the trees, waterfalls, birds..

In 2013, the global sustainability certification programme Quality Coast compared the sustainable tourism credentials of 1000 island and coastal holiday retreat destinations. The Azores came out top. In 2014, it became the first ever destination to be awarded the Platinum Quality Gold Coast Award. Specially at the times like this Azores Islands have everything your team might be looking for a company retreat.

  • Unique destination distinguished with all the classifications awarded by UNESCO.

The Azores nature continues precious and untouched so the Azores Islands became the first archipelago worldwide certified as a sustainable touristic destination by EarthCheck. There are no high-rise venues, huge shopping malls, all the efforts are being concentrated on taking care and preserving both the human and natural heritage of the Azores Islands.

  • All year-round perfect temperature so it is convenience for company retreat at any time of the year.

Generally, the weather on the Azores islands ranges between 13°C (55°F) and 25°C (77°F) all year round. Both winter and summer time have so much to offer – from diving into a freezing waterfall water in the mountain in summer sun to dipping into warm thermal baths while raining in the winter time.

  • One of the best destinations worldwide for land, air and sea adventures and specially for diving.

As you can count on pleasant waters all year round and fascinating dive sites among volcanoes. Just on a single dive your team can discover really unique biodiversity with a combination of oceanic and tropical species. From high quality golf fields and endless number of other land activities to diving into the blue Azorean sky with a paragliding team. Azores Islands can offer wide range of the activities for the most demanding teams.

  • Five centuries of history and tradition with interesting architecture, culture and art worth attention.

Art and culture lovers will find the Azores islands surprising as well. Remarkable hotel projects, traditional or each time more sophisticated. Local businesses are committed to sustainability, exist local accommodation and hotels with rainwater irrigation, recycling and constructed having in mind the low-impact architecture and not forgetting the island traditions.

  • Exceptional Azorean Hospitality.

In the very heart of the Azores Islands are its people, friendly, humble and genial, welcoming everyone into part of the family and making the Azores feel like home.

  • Divine wine and food with high quality and organic products.

Azorean cuisine is a rich and hearty with exceptional ingredients of certified origin. During this company retreat on the Azores Islands your team members better prepare for quite heavy dishes of seafood and meat, spicy stews, very sweet desserts and lots of dairy products.

Nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic – all different, all part of the same region combining long lasting traditions with modernity, exceptional gastronomy so connected to Mother Nature, unique natural landscape and unforgettable experiences. Company retreat experiences which can still be held nowadays with the safety so needed and be inclusive so every member of the team travelling to the Azores islands take the best of it.







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